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Frequently asked questions
What are the delivery times?

Most of our products are in stock and sent within 24 hours. To this, you have to add 48 hours of delivery time for France, and a few days more for international deliveries. To be sure, don't hesitate to contact us by mail (, we answer very quickly.

If you have a particular emergency, leave us a comment on your order, we will treat it in priority.

For custom-made products, please contact us.

Marble or granite, what to choose?

Historically, marble and granite have been worked by marble workers. So often by abuse of language, we call marble any stone surface used in the industry or food industry.

In the vast majority of cases, when a pastry chef, chocolate maker or confectioner tells you that he works on marble, he is actually working on granite. Why?

Granite is more solid, and much more resistant to scratches from knives. It is less porous and therefore easier to maintain and guarantees better "alimentarity". Both marble and granite are natural crystallised rocks, but marble is made by crystallising limestone, so it is not very resistant to acids (cleaning products or food). In short, marble is a noble stone that goes very well on tombstones, furniture or buildings, but for the kitchen, granite is much better!

I want to order but delivery in my area is not possible

Some destinations are more restrictive, and with customs fees.

Contact us at giving us the list of products to be delivered and the delivery address.

We will study and quantify the transport of your order.


For the United States we have a distributor on site: Nicolas Botomisy, do not hesitate to contact him directly by phone (+1 201 540 7114) or by email at

How do I get a custom-made frame?

To obtain a quote on a custom-made ganache frame, please send us an email at with:

- Your contact details

- The thickness of the frame

- The inside and outside length of the frame. (in general we take the dimension between guitar strings +5mm for the interior dimension and we add 2*15mm or 30mm for the exterior dimension

- The inside and outside width of the frame

- The quantity of frames desired

Are all your items in stock?

We are the manufacturer of our products. If an item is no longer in stock, we will re-manufacture it very quickly, generally within 48 hours.

Please contact us at and let us know the urgency of your orders, we will try to satisfy you.

I see on the photos of the site articles which are not available for sale?

Some items are not stocked but made on demand according to your needs. Contact us at

Is there a minimum order for custom-made products?

No, we manufacture the quantities you require.