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» How to make heart-shaped rocks (beginner level)

How to make heart-shaped rocks (beginner level)

Do it yourself !


Equipment :

- Oven (to steam the plate at 50°C)

- 2iso baking tray (in this case a 230x10 mm heart-shaped tray)

- A bowl

- A salad bowl

- A maryse

- A scraper (to fill the hearts)


Ingrédients :

- Chocolate (non pastry) 80g

- Crêpes dentelle 125g


Recipe :

1. Put the perforated plate in the oven at 45/50°C.


diy coeur rocher



2. Crumble the crêpes dentelle, cut the chocolate into pieces and melt it..


DIY coeur rocher 2



3. Mix the melted chocolate with the crêpes dentelle.


DIY coeur rocher 3



4. Pour onto the plate and fill with the scraper. Tap with the scraper to vibrate and pack the rock.


DIY coeur rocher 4



5. Remove the plate from the top (as soon as the hearts are filled).


DIY coeur rocher 5



Thanks to pantani31 for his photos!



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