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» How to pour several ganaches at the same time

How to pour several ganaches at the same time

Casting several ganaches at the same time or the principle of multiple ganaches:


The aim here is for professionals to gain maximum productivity..


For reasons of "photographic" simplicity, the method and material are presented without ganache or guitar leaf.

In the example chosen, 2 ganaches 342x272x10 mm are cast, the best being in general to cast 3 or 4 at a time.

However, we can manufacture to your dimensions, and the material is in this case, made to your measurements according to your installations, the number of ganaches to be cast per plate, the size of your guitar etc...

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us.



- HDPE underfloor wedge

- Thick aluminium alloy baking tray

- Clamps

- Framing ruler

- Cutting ruler




1. Put in the HDPE sub-bases. This will give you room to put the clamps to hold the rulers (this is not necessary if you make the chablon before laying the rulers).




2. Put the aluminium plate on top. Put the guitar sheet on and sand if necessary (not shown here).

Our food grade aluminium alloy plates are thick to maintain rigidity over long lengths without being too heavy.




3. Put the rulers edge to edge (with the clamps if you have not chablonné). Everything is then aligned to save time when setting up.




4. Pour your ganache and scrape it with a suitably sized scraper.




5. In the detail below, we can see that in the case of long rulers, you can use intermediate clamps that do not interfere with the raplette.




6. Cut to separate the ganaches.




7. In the detail below, you can see that the marks help you to position your ruler. It is very simple and quick, and the discreet and precise markings do not interfere with the passage of the ruler.