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Ganache frame 40x60 cm

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Ganache frame adapted to the chocolate maker who works with ganache dimensions close to 40x60 cm, the dimensions are: 36,5x56,5 cm inside, 39,5x59,5 cm outside and thickness from 3 to 20 mm.

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The ganache pastry frame 40x60 cm 2iso is adapted to the dimensions of the usual pastry plates 40x60 cm. Its dimensions are: 36,5x56,5 cm inside, 39,5x59,5 cm outside and thickness from 3 to 20 mm (other thicknesses are possible on your measures, please consult us). The advantage is that the useful volume for storing your ganache is optimised, which is very practical before Christmas or Easter. The outer dimension of 39,5 cm allows the use of the usual baking trays or the 2iso plastic baking trays 40x60 cm. This allows you to store your ganaches on the standard 40 cm wide scales (possibly with the 3H spacer cubes if you want to optimise your space hygienically).


A separator is available as an option.


The plastic used is HDPE: food grade, recyclable, it is strong but can be easily straightened by hand if necessary if it has become a little soggy. This is an interesting feature because stainless steel frames do not straighten well and when the praline is poured and the frame is not perfectly glued to the support, it will leak from underneath. Caution: plastic frames are not suitable for pouring at temperatures above 80°C (no fruit jellies or caramel for example).



The ganaches are poured directly into the frame which is placed on the guitar sheet or glued to a chablon. After cooling, remove the frame and turn the ganache over onto the guitar frame. All that remains is to remove the paper and cut out.

Store the frames flat to prevent them from warping.



To go further:

Tips for use and photos are available on the news page.

We sell many different sizes of ganache frames for guitars, but we can also make custom-made frames (for example if you want to optimise your ganache scraps). This is our speciality and we have no minimum order. How do we do it ?

Provide us with the dimensions of your candy and/or the dimensions between the furthest wires of your guitar via the contact form. We will study a solution and get back to you within 24 hours.



Calculate the volume you can pour into the frame:


Inside length of frame in mm :

Inside width of frame in mm :

Frame thickness in mm :

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Reviews about this Ganache frame 40x60 cm (10 reviews)

- Review added the Friday 03 November 2023 by Dominique M
Parfaitement adaptée à la plaque. Je suis très contente de mon achat.
- Review added the Friday 26 November 2021 by Patricia r.
Livraison (très) rapide.
- Review added the Friday 01 October 2021 by Alain B.
Très satisfait de la livraison en temps et en heures.
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