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Frangipane matrix plate

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Matrix plate to increase productivity in the production of frangipani or cold pastries. Sizes 39,8x59,8 cm, and thickness 15 mm.

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The frangipane matrix plate allows you to be more productive when making frangipane or cold pastries.


The plate is 15 mm thick and can be used with a 60x40 cm baking tray.


Several hole diameters are available:

- 11 holes in 13 cm diameter

- 6 holes in 16 cm diameter

- 6 holes in 17 cm diameter

- 4 holes in 18 cm diameter.

- 3 holes in 20 cm diameter.

- 2 holes in 24 cm diameter.


It is possible to take a counter-frame on top or underneath as an option. The counter-frame underneath requires the machining of a rebate under the die, which we automatically produce when ordering the counter-frame underneath option.


The plastic used is HDPE: food grade, recyclable, and strong. Caution: plastic frames are not suitable for pouring at temperatures above 80°C (no fruit jellies or caramel for example).



Store flat to avoid warping of the plates.


To go further:

Tips for use and photos are available on the news page.

We can also produce custom-made products, so please do not hesitate to contact us via via the contact form or by phone.

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Reviews about this Frangipane matrix plate (4 reviews)

- Review added the Monday 12 April 2021 by Delphine T.
Excellent produit.
- Review added the Tuesday 09 February 2021 by Antoine S.
- Review added the Sunday 07 June 2020 by Sébastien M.
Envoi rapide et soigné.
Matériel de qualité.
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