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Bagging shovel

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The 2iso bag shovel is an innovation for efficient bag filling.

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The 2iso bagging shovel is an innovative product to efficiently fill bags with chocolates, Easter eggs, biscuits, fried food, marrons glacés, ...


Several sizes and shapes of shovels are available:

- 4 cm square shovel for square or rectangular bags with a 4 cm base

- 4.8 cm square shovel for square or rectangular bags with a 4.8 cm base

- 5.3 cm square shovel for square or rectangular bags with a 5.3 cm base

- 5.5 cm round shovel for 5.5 cm diameter round bags

- 7 cm round shovel for 7 cm diameter round bags

- 8 cm round shovel for 8 cm diameter round bags


The supports associated with the shovels must be ordered separately.



This product, easy to use (no tools required), will be very useful in the shop or in the laboratory. Indeed, it allows you to:

- open the bag more quickly, while keeping both hands free

- not to grease your bags when filling them

- correctly align your food in the bag to make aesthetically pleasing bags

- simply weigh your bags before filling


For further explanation, please see our demonstration video on our YouTube channel.


To go further:

We can also produce customised products, according to your needs. For this, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by telephone.


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