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» » » » FP multi-frame ruler 36,5 cm or 34,5 cm
FP multi-frame ruler 36,5 cm or 34,5 cm
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FP multi-frame ruler 36,5 cm or 34,5 cm

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Set of 4 dovetail rulers for framing 36,5 or 34,5 cm ganaches in enfilade.

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The FP multi-frame ruler 36,5 cm or 34,5 cm 2iso is a set of 4 self-locking dovetail rules for framing ganaches in series.


Using this rule saves you time in your production, as the ganaches are all drawn at the same time in a row (by 2, 3, 4 or 5).


The width of the bars is 25 mm, and they are available in various thicknesses from 8 mm to 20 mm, and in 2 frame widths:

- 34,5 cm, suitable for 2iso intermediate plastic ganache frames

- 36,5 cm, suitable for standard 2iso plastic ganache frames


As an option, we can also produce a ruler marking for re-cutting. This marking consists of making fine grooves on the ruler at regular intervals in order to save time when cutting.

The plastic used is HDPE: food grade, recyclable, it is strong but can be easily straightened by hand if necessary if it has become a little soggy. Caution: plastic rulers are not suitable for pouring at temperatures above 80°C (no fruit jellies or caramel for example).



For further explanation, please see our demonstration video on our YouTube channel.


To go further:

We can also produce other widths of rules or custom-made rules, according to your needs. For this, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by telephone.

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Reviews about this FP multi-frame ruler 36,5 cm or 34,5 cm (16 reviews)

- Review added the Saturday 09 September 2023 by Cédric T
Emballée avec soin, c'est toujours un plaisir de faire travailler la société 2ISO
- Review added the Tuesday 30 August 2022 by CAMILLE C.
- Review added the Tuesday 31 May 2022 by Elisabeth P.
Juste déballé, pas encore utilisé mais un très beau produit.
De plus le produit était tr... (Read more)
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