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Stainless steel ganache frame separator

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Stainless steel ruler to separate a ganache frame. Allows you to reduce the size of your ganache frame for trials and small productions.

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The stainless steel ganache frame separator 2iso is a stainless steel ruler for separating a ganache frame in order to reduce its size, for example for trials and small productions.


Several lengths of divider are available, adapted to our different stainless steel confectionery frame sizes (1 mm less than the inside of the corresponding ganache frames) :

- 24,4 cm, suitable for mini stainless steel confectionery frame 24,5x24,5 cm

- 34,4 cm, suitable for intermediate stainless steel confectionery frame 34,5 cm

- 36,4 cm, suitable for standard stainless steel confectionery frame 36,5 cm


For each size, several sections are available:

- 8x8 mm

- 10x10 mm

- 12x12 mm

- 15X15 mm


We can also produce customised products. For this, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by telephone.

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- Review added the Tuesday 20 December 2022 by Lina L
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