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Single stainless steel raplette

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One-piece stainless steel raplette in any size.

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The 2iso single stainless steel raplette is ideal for spreading your ganache or pastry preparations in a frame or with rulers.

Whether you are pouring frame by frame or in a row, its edges will guide you to scrape quickly and well.

The dimensions are also suitable for use with our stainless steel and plastic framing rulers.


Intermediate and standard raplettes have extended wings to bring in a large amount of ganache (when there are several frames in a row).


Several sizes are available:

- mini 27x8 cm, length of wings 9 cm, suitable for mini guitars or mini HDPE frames.

- intermediate 37x8 cm, length of wings 16 cm, suitable for intermediate size HDPE ganache frames.

- standard 39x8 cm, length of wings 16 cm, suitable for standard size HDPE ganache frames.

- stainless steel standard 38x8 cm, length of wings 16 cm, suitable for standard stainless steel 10mm ganache frames (narrower edge than HDPE).



Our raplettes are folded and machine washable and can be straightened to give an angle of attack; they are the ideal complement to our frames.


To go further:

Tips for use and photos are available on the news page.

We can help you to identify the dimensions you need, and we can also make custom-made products. For this, please do not hesitate to contact us via via the contact form or by phone.

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