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Thick granite pastry marble
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Thick granite pastry marble

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Marble for pastry / chocolate / confectionery in thick granite (20 mm) 40x60 cm, colour of your choice.

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The thick granite pastry marble 2iso is a professional granite.

20 mm thick, in a choice of colours, it is treated for food use and is ideal for working with sugar, nougat, caramel, fruit jellies, hot and cold pastries.


Marble is replaced by granite in the food industry because it is much more resistant to shocks and sudden temperature changes (more info on the FAQ). It is a natural stone whose shine is obtained by polishing with a bakelite wheel. However, be careful: a granite slab is not a baking tray.


Our slabs have undergone a food-approved anti-stain treatment that waterproofs, preventing the penetration of grease and dirt into the granite.

Our granite is about 20 mm thick. It is thick enough to have a high thermal inertia without being too heavy to move. A 40x60 cm slab weighs about 13 kg (tolerance of dimensions 5 mm).

Our slabs have polished and chamfered edges (1 side and 4 edges), the chamfers are polished but not calibrated. We have chosen the most suitable colours for pastry; however, granite being a natural stone, there may be variations in the colour and grain of the stone.


Felt pads, to be placed under your tile to protect fragile worktops, are available as an option. The bag contains 12 felt pads with a diameter of 20mm; we advise you to place all the pads in order to distribute the load and not to overhang the tile. Caution: Do not use the pads if the tile is to be frozen or oven dried!


An optional food grade cleaning product is also available, ideal for cleaning, protecting and maintaining your granite and marble. If required, this product is also sold separately.


Regarding packaging: Granite is heavy and to protect it we use double fluted cardboard with HDPE reinforcement in the corners, and recycled HDPE foam edge protection; finally the package is bathed in recycled HDPE shavings. Yes, that's a lot of (recycled) packaging, but our marbles arrive in good condition to our customers which is our priority..


We can assist you in your choice. For this, please do not hesitate to contact us via via the contact form or by phone.

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Reviews about this Thick granite pastry marble (44 reviews)

- Review added the Tuesday 19 September 2023 by Thierry S
Bon produit
- Review added the Monday 28 August 2023 by Pascal G
Très rapide puisque commandé le lundi et reçut le jeudi. Emballage au top. Acheté pour ma fille... (Read more)
- Review added the Saturday 18 March 2023 by Lydia D
Très satisfaite de ma plaque en granit mass blue, elle est magnifique et l'envoie est impeccable po... (Read more)
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