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» How to calculate the ideal size of the ganache frame

How to calculate the ideal size of the ganache frame

Calculating the ideal size of the ganache frame:



For good productivity (time savings with minimum waste), the size of the ganache frame is crucial.

We explain below how to calculate this ideal size.




You can either :

- measure the distance between the widest strings on your guitar,

- or multiply the size of the candy by the number you want to have on a line in your frame.


But don't rely on the base of your guitar!



Please note:

If you want all the candies to be the same, you need to take a little margin on the size obtained

- So that the outer strings of your guitar also "bite" into the ganache,

- So that the crystallisation and removal of the ganache does not cause you any problems with the size of the last line of sweets,

- So that the ganache is easy to centre on the guitar. If it is too tight, the last line may not be as successful.




Finally, we recommend 5 mm extra height for the frames. For example, for a 36 cm guitar, the inside dimension of the frame should be 36.5 cm.


In difficult cases (several sizes of candy for example), we are at your disposal to help you by mail: