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Macaron matrix plate

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Template plate for the production of macarons.

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The Macaron matrix plate 2iso made of HDPE is an ideal template for the regular production of macarons.


There are 3 plate sizes available (S, M and L), each with 3 possible hole diameters.


Available sizes are:

- Size S: 23x23x0.4 cm, suitable for schools and training.

- Size M: 40x35x0.4 cm, suitable for small productions.

- Size L: 60x40x0.4 cm, suitable for professional productions.


The available diameters are (Note: The diameter of the hole is smaller than the size of the macaron after baking. For example, holes with a diameter of 35 mm will give macarons of about 40 mm after baking) :

- 30 mm, corresponds to a small macaron.

- 35 mm, corresponds to a standard macaron.

- 40 mm , corresponds to a gourmet macaron.


Number of holes per plate:

- S-30: 16 holes of 30 mm diameter.

- S-35: 16 holes of 35 mm diameter.

- S-40: 9 holes of 40 mm diameter.

- M-30: 42 holes of 30 mm diameter.

- M-35: 42 holes of 35 mm diameter.

- M-40: 30 holes of 40 mm diameter.

- L-30: 70 holes of 30 mm diameter.

- L-35: 70 holes of 35 mm diameter.

- L-40: 54 holes of 40 mm diameter.


The plastic used is HDPE: food grade, recyclable, and strong. Caution: plastic frames are not suitable for pouring at temperatures above 80°C (no fruit jellies or caramel for example).



Please note that the matrix is not oven safe and must be stored flat.


To go further:

Tips for use and photos are available on the news page.

We can also make custom-made products, please contact us via via the contact form or by phone.

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Super rien a dire ,très bon produit,.
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