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Stainless steel confectioner's rulers

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2iso stainless steel confectioner's rulers in food grade stainless steel.

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The 2iso stainless steel confectioner's rulers are ideal for hot or cold confectionery.


Made of solid stainless steel, the product includes a set of 4 bars of identical section (as desired), cut and deburred: 2 bars are 100 cm long and 2 bars are 36.5 cm long.


Several sections available to choose from:

- 10x10 mm

- 12x12 mm

- 15X15 mm

- 20X20 mm


We can also produce customised products. For this, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form or by telephone.

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Reviews about this Stainless steel confectioner's rulers (4 reviews)

- Review added the Thursday 03 June 2021 by Marcellin G.
Tres bien.
- Review added the Thursday 06 August 2020 by Thierry E.
Les yeux fermés, la marchandise est conforme en visuel et de très bonne qualité.
- Review added the Sunday 01 March 2020 by Patrice T.
Je suis très satisfaite par la réactivité, et l'excellente relation client/fournisseur, d'autant ... (Read more)
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